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We all want a side gig. Finding successful creative business ideas can be difficult. We did the hard work for you.

We’ll discuss ideas for each type of entrepreneur, how to find your target market, and how to create a great business idea.

Start earning extra money now! You’ll be rewarded financially!

Entrepreneurs vary. Tech-savvy people are always up-to-date. Creative people constantly generate new ideas.

What if you need clarification on your entrepreneur type? We have creative business ideas for everyone!

Choose from the following types of entrepreneurs and start your entrepreneurial journey!

Designing Websites

Web design is in demand and requires creativity and design. Create custom designs or sell and install templates with clients.

App Developer

Creative apps are abundant for business. You can design or sell apps for other businesses or offer in-app purchases.

Photo Business

Event, portrait, landscape, and still-life photographers can make a living once they have the equipment to start a photography business, practice, and book clients.

Art Gallery

Start exhibiting your own or other local artists’ work in a gallery.

Interior designer

Create beautiful spaces for local clients if you love interior design. This home-based business has low startup costs.

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Landscape Designer

Landscape designers can create unique outdoor spaces for local clients.

Craft Company

Sell handmade goods at craft fairs or on Etsy. Start by learning how to start a craft business and Etsy shop.

Trucking Food

Local events feature unique food trucks. Anyone in the food industry who wants to create a unique menu can profit from this.

Art Store

As an art supply store owner, you can sell paint and craft materials you use in your projects.

Used Store

Thrift stores must display and sell used goods creatively. Start a local secondhand shop here.

Online Shop

E-commerce has many niches. Successful niche businesses design their products or create creative marketing materials.

T-Shirt Company

Printing and graphic design enthusiasts love t-shirt design online—simple steps to starting a t-shirt business.

Private Stylist

Creative fashion entrepreneurs can help clients maximize their wardrobes and choose the perfect outfits.

Ink Artist

Creatives should open tattoo parlors. Just learn how to start a tattoo business and get the necessary materials and permits.

SMM Business

Help companies with social media campaigns, visuals, and content to start an online creative business.

Logo Designer

Help clients improve their businesses or launch new ones with the right logo.

Organizing Event planners plan weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers. Budgeting and balloon art require creativity.

Music Teacher

Create music for students—online or private lessons.


No matter the genre, writing a book requires creativity. Improve your writing before considering this option. Find a publisher or self-publish. Publish your business ebook online or offline.

Dance Studio

Classes and private lessons can help locals move and express themselves.

Event Entertainer

If you play an instrument, paint, or make balloon art, become a local event entertainer.

Box Subscription

Curating monthly subscription boxes requires creativity. Start a subscription business here.

Makeup artist

Makeup Artistry is a great small business for beauty industry creatives.

A hairdresser

You can combine hair styling with makeup or spa services.

Jewelry Company

Sell handmade jewelry online or in stores. Learning how to start a jewelry business opens up many possibilities.

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Cake Designer

Decorate cakes for special events or photo shoots to express creativity.

Marketing Online

Start a marketing and advertising consulting business.

Social Media Influencers

Build a social media following, then partner with brands you love to share sponsored content.

Video Producer Make videos for brands or post them online.

Food Blogger

Write cookbooks or blogs about unique recipes.

Fashion Designer

Create a unique clothing line you’d wear.

Card Maker

Design and sell greeting cards online or at local markets.

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Woodworking Company

Start a woodworking business to make unique furniture and decor.

Embroidery Business

If you can embroider, sell products, or do custom embroidery.

Quilt Shop

Quilting takes patience and skill, but you can sell beautiful products.


Create a unique gift shop for local customers. This requires a more significant initial investment than many online and service businesses, but retail entrepreneurs may like it.

Gift Wrapping

Wrap gifts for holidays and special occasions. Start a gift-wrapping service or add it to a gift shop.

Sticker Business

After learning how to start a sticker business, you can sell your designs or print for other companies.

Pottery Company

Make mugs, bowls, and custom ceramic sculptures to sell.

Calligraphy Service

Customize signs and invitations with calligraphy.

Affiliate Marketer

Build a following with a blog, newsletter, or social media accounts. Then you can partner with related brands with affiliate programs to earn a commission when someone buys something through one of your links.

Travel Writer

Learn how to start a travel blog and write about your travels to help others.

Custom Illustrator

Artists can draw portraits or artwork for customers. You could draw pet owners’ dogs and cats.


Painters can sell prints or originals online. You can also sell to galleries and collectors through a local art dealer.


New product ideas require lots of creativity. Your small business can sell products or license them to other brands.

Candle Company

Sell candles made from raw materials online or in local gift shops. Start a candle business here.

Soap Maker

Instead, start a soap business and sell personal care products.

YouTube Creator

Upload creative YouTube videos and profit from ads, brand partnerships, or merchandise.

Upcycling Business

Use your own or secondhand items to start an upcycling business. Sell them after customizing them.


Create stunning bouquets and floral arrangements for local shops and events.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur stuck in a rut, brainstorm creative business ideas. A new perspective can spark profitable small unique business ideas.

Group brainstorming can also inspire creativity. If you still need help, look at other companies in your industry to see what you can copy or improve.

Think big—great things start small. Creative thinking and hard work can make a small business idea successful.

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