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International trade, government stimulus, and a strong developing nation prepare the Indian business landscape for growth. With a young population rising to leadership and technology driving growth and innovation, we will explore several business opportunities in multiple sectors today.

I’ll discuss each business idea’s opportunity, startup cost, and where to start executing. You’ll find a winning business idea here.

Pollution Mask Making & Selling

Air pollution plagues all metro areas. Delhi and Bengaluru residents face severe air pollution. Air pollution mask manufacturing is a promising Indian business idea.

Create Mobile Apps

Mobile app demand in India is skyrocketing. India is a promising market for mobile app development. Tech-savvy, you research user needs and create a mobile app.

Start a Blog

Bloggers make millions online. Blogging costs little. Blogging takes 30 minutes.

3D Print

India loves 3D printing. It’s replacing prototype printing. Starting a digital printing business is a serious investment.

Renewable Energy

The Indian government is supporting alternative energy companies. Renewable energy businesses are ideal for environmentalists.

Diabetic Clinic

Indian diabetes is rising rapidly. Starting a diabetic clinic in a good retail space will yield big profits.

Open a Preschool

The preschool business in India is worth over Rs 4000 crore, showing its potential. This is also a popular education-related small business idea in India. Start a preschool if you like kids.

Fashion Designer

Indian fashion has boomed. Modern urbanites and semi-urbanites are fashion-conscious. This industry is easy to break into if you have the skills or a passion for fashion.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness services can be started by aerobics and yoga experts. This business requires little startup capital. Fitness-related businesses are recession-proof in India.

Knitting, embroidery

Indian fashion designers value embroidery and knitting skills above all else. Learning this trade makes getting jobs easy.

Beauty Salon

Beauty salons offer products and services to improve clients’ appearance and mental well-being. This retail beauty business idea is popular. Starting this business requires location, an efficient workforce, and sales promotion.

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Recruitment Agency

Recruitment services provide a workforce to other companies for a fee. This business can be started by anyone who knows job seekers. Starting this business costs little. Start this business at home; in other word it’s a home-based business idea


Most Indian parents want the best education for their kids. They seek talented, dedicated tutors. You can start a tutoring business with little capital if you love teaching.

Soap Making

Simple backyard equipment can start a soap-making business. Homemade soaps are popular. Any Indian city has the necessary raw materials.

Laundry Service

Indian laundry is becoming organized. Working people are increasingly using laundry services. This business requires little capital.

Join a Direct Selling Company

A reputable multi-level marketing company can make a beginner with good communication skills millions. Promote products and recruit friends. Many Amway, Avon, Tupperware, and other MLM distributors make millions of rupees.

Smartphone Repair

Money no longer buys smartphones. The price drop has increased smartphone sales in India. Thus, smartphone repair demand is rising. Start this business with local training.

Automobile Service Station

India’s rising economy has increased car and vehicle sales. Thus, most of the nation needs auto service stations. Thus, starting a car service station is one of India’s best small business ideas for new entrepreneurs.

Food delivery

Indian food delivery is growing. Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato, Foodpanda, and others deliver food in India. This indicates a large food delivery market in the country.

Catering Business

Catering can be lucrative if you enjoy cooking and serving others. However, it requires pressure-handling and good people skills.

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Courier Service

Indian courier service is a low-investment, high-return business. Work for DTDC, DHL, or BlueDart.

Mobile Food Truck

Mobile food trucks differ from restaurants in two major ways. One is moving without a store. You visit customers. In Indian cities and towns, a food service novice can start this business.

Interior Design

Start this business if you know interior design. Starting a business from home requires little capital.

Market Research Services

Companies seeking user feedback need market research. Consider this business if you have market research experience.

Organic Food Store

Location is key when opening an organic food store. Like any retail business, location is key.

Sports Coaching

India loves football, cricket, basketball, tennis, etc. coaching. This business is for sports fans with an experience.

Art Supplies

Any artist who knows about art supplies can open a successful retail store. A small store with various popular art supplies can be an art supplies store.

Jewelry Business

Indians love jewelry. Most Indians view jewelry as security. Gold and diamond are profitable businesses in India. India loves pearl and fashion jewelry. A low-capital jewelry-making business can be started in India.

Sub-broker stocks.

Stock market investing is growing in popularity—partner with a reputable stock broker to help clients invest in stocks. Create online and offline classes to teach stock market investing.

Translation Service

India is becoming a global powerhouse. India attracts tourists from around the world. Thus, translation services are in demand. If you’re good, start a translation business and make money.

Social Media Marketing

Most Indian companies and celebrities take social media seriously. Social media is now vital to communication. Regular social media management is required. They want social media marketers to manage their profiles. You can start a profitable social media marketing business if you know how.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistance is a top 10 technological breakthrough. Virtual assistants are easy to start. A laptop, phone, internet, and professional website are all you need.

Agarbatti Making

Indian agarbatti making is lucrative. Agarbatti, or incense sticks, are mostly made in Karnataka because raw materials are readily available. A hand-operated machine can start this business at home.


India’s bakery business is lucrative for new entrepreneurs. This company has many expansion opportunities.

Candle Making

Indian candle-making can be profitable. Candles are no longer just for religious occasions or power outages. Candles now decorate showrooms, events, and more.

Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Semi-urban and rural India demand cheap detergent powder. In the Indian market, selling good-quality detergent powder at a fair price will be easy.

Digital Agency

Indian online platforms have grown rapidly. Companies are desperately trying to advertise online. If you have the skills, start a digital marketing agency in India offering social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and other services.

Disposable Paper Plate Manufacturing

Paper plates are selling well. The main reason is the ease of serving food at family gatherings, chats, snacks, fruits, sweets, etc. A small paper plate-making business can be started in India for under Rs. 1 Lac.

Chocolate Making

Turning your hobby and skill into a profitable home-based business naturally leads to the chocolate or candy-making business. Easy-to-make homemade candies are popular.

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