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Do you want to supplement your income? Not alone. There are many ways to supplement your income to pay off debt, save for an emergency, or have more money.

Having a side business is not easy, but it’s becoming more common. A side hustle can help you supplement your income, pursue a hobby, or start a business. As of 2017, 44 million Americans had a side hustle. An increasingly mobile or freelance workforce will likely keep the trend going.

To inspire you, here are some side businesses:

Go freelance in your current role

You can start a side business by doing freelance work if you’re creative.

Create and sell online courses

Do you specialize? Create and sell an online course about it. They’ll buy your expertise, whether it’s digital marketing or baking.

Make and sell products online

Sell your creations online if you can make them.

Sell someone else’s products online

Selling online requires no product creation. Wholesale purchases can be sold online for a profit. You can sell only a few products but must know what you’re selling and to whom.

Start a baking business

Turn your baking talent into a business. If you can bake, luxury teas and bespoke cakes are in demand.

Start a food truck

Food trucks are everywhere, so use your cooking skills to start one. This side business requires a large upfront investment to buy the truck, so it may only be right for some.

Offer classes in something you’re good at

Yoga, dance, or cooking again. Classes can teach most skills. You’ll need a suitable space to teach in person.

Become a tutor

Tutors need academic degrees. You could tutor one or two students two nights a week or start your tutoring agency.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing pays you when someone buys a product or service you recommended.

Creating a website with affiliate links is the most common affiliate marketing method. There are many affiliate programs from tech giants.

Make money through online advertising

Online advertising can monetize a blog. Like affiliate marketing, this idea takes a long time to make money. You’ll need the traffic to make money because advertisers pay very little per click.

Wedding planning

This side business idea can be lucrative if you love weddings and can organize them.

Professional dogwalker

Dog walking is a career for dog lovers. Work obligations prevent many dog owners from walking their pets during the day. You’re needed.

Clothing repairs/alterations

If you can repair or alter clothes, people will be interested in your side business.

Handyperson services

Can you assemble shelves quickly? Then someone who can’t hire you.

Small moving service

If you have a van, you can move individual items for people.

Gardening services

Gardeners may dislike gardening. Doing so makes money.

IT support/repair

Computer and tech-savvy? Most people aren’t, so you could start a side business helping tech-challenged people.

Sell ebooks

Knowledge can be turned into a side business, like an online course.

Start vlogging

You can start a profitable YouTube side business.

Sell photos

Photographers can sell their work. Wall art, stock photos, and news photos could be sold.

Write online content

A wordsmith? Then sell it. Writing services are always in demand.

Content writing is one of the most flexible side jobs.

Personal trainer

If you love the gym, become a personal trainer.

Before starting your side business, you need clients. Start personal training with this guide.

Driving instructor

You can teach after qualifying as a driving instructor.

This side business is perfect if you have a part-time job and want to make extra money.

Micro influencer

Are your social media posts heard? You could make money as a micro-influencer.

Micro influencers have a few thousand followers and earn less than big league influencers.


Know your job inside out? Businesses may pay for your expertise.

Consultants can profit from their skills. Due to conflict of interest, it’s better for people without full-time jobs.

Media Manager

Do you have many social media followers across multiple profiles? If so, you could get paid by online businesses.

Social media managers create content, grow followers, and manage ad spending.

Professional photographer

Weddings, birthdays, Christenings, and other events are possible. People usually want a professional photographer for special events.

This is a great side business if you have the equipment and skills.

Web designer

Building websites is a profitable side business if you have web design skills.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is also in demand. Businesses will pay for a logo or a 3D-video series to convey their message.

App Developer

Programming skills? Make apps. You could develop apps for other companies or launch your own.


Translators are in demand because multilingualism is rare.

There’s plenty of demand for services like this, whether helping local businesses communicate with international clients or translating website content for an overseas business launching in the UK.

Local guide

If you know your area, you could start a local guide business. Tourism is big business.

Showing tourists your favorite places can be a lucrative business.

Event DJ

DJs no longer need tons of records. Naturally, it would help if you had sound equipment. Its container.

Event DJing could be a good side gig if you love parties and music.


If you like cleaning, you could start a side business.

Clean what? Houses, cars, windows, or anything else in demand.

Purchase an existing business

If you have money, you can buy an existing business as a side hustle.

Event planner

Event planning isn’t for more than just weddings so that you can start a side business.

It may be too demanding for a full-time job, but it could help you make extra money if you work part-time.

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