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Encouraging kids to pursue business ideas and solutions has benefits beyond financial. When kids are supported in starting a business and seeing their ideas come to life, they learn important life skills that affect their emotional, physical, and mental health.

Kidpreneurs can use their skills in endless ways. Explore new ideas, find a market niche, and focus on your child’s interests. Use a child’s eagerness, curiosity, and unique perspective to build confidence and launch their business ideas.

The guide also features successful and creative Kidpreneurs from our website to inspire. Finally, these business ideas can help develop essential skills and character traits.

Starting a Kid businesses that make money is challenging but rewarding! This guide to 50 of the most creative and accessible Business ideas for 10 year olds of all ages will help parents and kids stay engaged.

Candy Business

Reselling bulk items teaches kids about pricing, marketing, and communication.

Since bulk candy packages are cheap, kids can sell their favorite treats to classmates and neighbors.


Commercials, clips, documentaries, movies, and voiceovers need child actors. If your child has talent and stage presence, consider it.

Lemonade Stand

Despite its overuse, the lemonade stand is still a good small business idea for kids.

Illustration Services

Many children’s book authors want kid-drawn illustrations. International drawing contests are also available. These contests offer cash, scholarships, and international travel.

Lawn Mowing

Another classic kid-friendly business idea. In summer, mow neighborhood lawns. Help your child decide on a price and whether they’ll offer gardening, leaf raking, outdoor cleanup, etc.

Pet Care

Kids can start pet sitting, dog walking, and other animal-related businesses. Caretaking teaches kids responsibility.

As with other service businesses on this list, please help your child choose and price their services.

Selling Used Books

You and your children may only keep the sentimental ones, donating the rest.

Why not let your kids sell these books instead of giving them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army for 100% profit margins?

Your kids can sell used textbooks, and study guides as they age. Because more students are buying used textbooks, demand is high.


Writing and multimedia-creating kids do well online. The topic should interest your child and many others.

Encourage your child’s wilder creativity, but be realistic about business and market analysis.


The best business ideas for kids to make money solve adult problems, and all parents of young children need babysitting occasionally.

It’s important to assess your child’s maturity before letting them babysit.

Doing chores

Kids could be paid to do laundry, sort clothes, do yard work, cook meals, etc.

Never pay kids for chores like cleaning their rooms. They’ll learn not to do such tasks without payment if you do.


Academically gifted kids can tutor their classmates. As mentioned, good small business ideas for kids use their strengths and knowledge.

Doing Online Surveys

Some popular online survey websites allow 13-year-olds. Teens can make money taking surveys.

Shoveling Snow

Gardening is a good summer business for kids, but shoveling snow is better in winter. Design and distribute neighborhood flyers with your kids to promote their services. Soon, neighbors will learn about this assistance and call.

Paper Delivery

We like both innovative and classic business ideas for kids. Many adults’ first job was newspaper delivery.

Making Basic Jewelry

Most kids collect seashells, snail shells, pebbles, or minerals. Monetize these collections easily. Crafty kids can make jewelry to sell to other kids or neighbors. A website can be built to sell jewelry online and reach more people.

House Sitting

This business idea for kids is best for teenagers due to responsibility. Start with family and friends’ homes. House sitting is easy but requires discipline to complete all tasks.

Social Media Management

Tech-savvy teens will love this small business idea. Social media management comes naturally to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter natives. Local businesses may target younger customers. Thus, such companies would welcome working with a teenage digital wizard.

Helping Seniors

Kids can also help neighborhood seniors by charging a small fee. Seniors may need help with grocery shopping, meal prep, household chores, walking, and cleaning.

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a summer job for kids.

Video Creation

Monetize videos easily. Another great opportunity to make money watching videos. Animated clips, short documentaries, funny clips, and how-to guides are easy to monetize for kids.

T-Shirt Design

Creative kids can sell their clothes. Learn how to sell t-shirts online here.


Podcasting is a top digital business idea for kids. Adults must handle some technical issues. Podcasting can become a family activity that generates income.

Balloon Artist

Birthdays, events, and family celebrations often include balloon artists. Skilled kids can print flyers, distribute them, and get invited to neighborhood events as entertainers.


Illusionists can also work as local entertainers.

Gift Wrapping Service Provider

This is one of the best seasonal kid-friendly businesses. Holidays stress many families.


Musically talented children can perform at local celebrations and earn money.

Baked Goods Maker

Many kids cook well. Bakers could start a business. Sell baked goods locally or online.

Greeting Card Maker

Talent can be monetized. Children can also make greeting cards.

Gift Basket Creator and Deliverer

Is your child’s gift basket idea unique? Support their idea. Gift baskets and delivery can generate early income.

Recyclable Material Collection

Collecting recyclables teaches kids about environmental responsibility and earning money. Recycling centers can profit from neighborhood recycling.

eBay Selling

Clutter and mess can result from hoarding. Ask your kids to sort through their belongings and choose what they don’t want. Knowing these items can make money motivates them.

Car wash

Neighborhood service business ideas for kids abound. Summer carwashing is simple. Help your kids choose a price and marketing strategy.

Computer and Gadget Repair

Some younger kids are tech geniuses and can fix computers. Adults struggle with broken computers, gadgets, and wearable tech.

Start a property management business

Owners’ representatives manage properties. Property managers market and collect rent for owners.

Start a mobile hair salon

Mobile hair services will grow as more people become mobile. The fastest-growing industry is mobile hairstyling. It’s tempting to make money while driving.

Online fitness business

Online fitness is convenient, affordable, and accessible to everyone. The best part is starting at home.

Crowdfunding platform

Fundraising is hard. Crowdfunding raises money from many small investors. There’s no better time to share your knowledge if it can help others. Crowdfunding is happening now.

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