73 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Men

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We have low-investment, high-profit small business ideas for men. High-return small business ideas for men with little capital are best.
Experts selected these profitable business ideas for men. There is something on the list for everyone, even though some business ideas are better for some people.

73 Best Men’s Small Business Ideas

Men own 51% of small businesses, according to statistics. It would help if you had a good business idea.

1. Web Designer

In today’s digital world, every company needs a website, even a one-pager. This industry will always need creative and talented web designers.
WordPress and Squarespace can help you create an attractive, value-driven website.
You can build your portfolio without advanced coding skills by learning JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, or CSS.

2. Game Business

Video games are worth billions and growing fast. Kids and seniors play many video games because of their mental agility and fun.
It’s a fun after-school activity too.

3. Poultry Business

Poultry investing may appeal to animal lovers. Poultry can generate multiple income streams.
Birds offer two benefits:

The meat
These are profitable. Men who understand bird life cycles may find this dirty process easier.

4. Home rental

You can rent anything from a spare bedroom to your entire home today. Airbnb’s massive short-term housing industry benefits homeowners. Summer home rentals can be expensive if you live in a vacation area.

Many of my neighbors rent out their homes in August to pay off their mortgages because I live in one of the most expensive beach communities.

5. Interior Design

Interior design is ideal for men who love decorating, design, and art. Starting an interior design business with a degree is ideal.

Any age can start this business at home.

6. Cleaning Firm

Many people want to avoid cleaning their homes, cars, or offices so that a cleaning business can make extra money.

Small cleaning businesses can make money:
Space management
Clean floors, countertops, and walls.
Furniture polish
People must do these things in their spaces.

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7. Mushroom Growing

Farming mushrooms can be profitable. A mushroom farmer with a building can start a business. Mushroom cultivation requires practice and study.

8. Media manager

You can make great money by posting on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Learn 9 essential social media tips for startups to help your clients succeed.

9. Tracksuit Production

Starting this business requires little capital. Tracksuits have jackets and trousers. This sportswear-casual outfit is popular.

The Indian sportswear industry is growing rapidly, so demand is too.

10. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the most legit online businesses. Bloggers make millions from home.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Blogging and making money.

Blogging and affiliate marketing target millions of men searching for hobby information.

Blogging is not just for mommy bloggers and makeup artists. Find male-friendly hobbies like woodworking, cars, sports, adventure travel, history, technology, and engineering.

Affiliates make money when visitors click on their recommended products.

11. Financial Services

Technology and internet access have transformed the financial services industry.

In the age of online lending, money transfers, and credit ratings, FinTech companies are disrupting the financial services industry.

12. Consultant

Now is a great time to use your industry skills by consulting for others.

Local businesses and individuals will pay top dollar for your expertise. They want expert advice and problem-solving.


13. Fish farming

Start a profitable fish farming business with enough money, land, and water. Business process knowledge is also required.

The business needs equipment and machinery.

14. Catering Firm

If you can organize large events, start a catering business. You also want to learn how to cook well to keep customers returning. Today’s best catering business ideas.

It would help if you had a small store to run this business. This type of business is hands-on and requires manual labor so that men can benefit.


15. Online Store

Small-time manufacturer of physical or digital products? Know anyone who wants to sell online?

16. Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising uses creative and appealing methods to achieve visual marketing. Outdoor advertising offers designers a wide range of creative possibilities.

Consultants must design ads that grab attention instantly.

17. Graphic designer

Logos distinguish these companies. Apple, Coke, Walmart, and KFC are top brands. Branding helps companies tell their stories in a crowded market.

Most businesses need graphic design. The print will rule for a long time.

Graphic designers need a laptop, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, InDesign, Illustrator, and creativity.

18. Yoga Studio

You can start this business by finding space if you’re a yoga instructor or enthusiast. Start this business without a busy retail space. Community advertising promotes yoga studios easily.

This low-investment, high-return urban Indian business is trending.

19. Perfume Making

Disciplined men who can listen and process information are ideal perfume makers.

Scenting essential oils requires only reliable wholesale suppliers.

20. Photography

If you’re good at lighting, composition, and taking photos, turn your hobby into a career.

You can make money with a professional camera, photography equipment, and your skills!

Free photo editing software can be used with inexpensive camera gear. Shutterstock, Foap, Stockimo, ScoopShot, and Snapwire allow you to sell photos.

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21. Restaurant

Restaurants are the most profitable business for food retail men. It requires a restaurant business plan and moderate startup capital.

22. Solar Company

Solar businesses benefit men. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular.

Solar product demand is rising in Japan, China, India, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

23. Slipper Making

Slippers are a household staple.

Every day, more people wear slippers. Rubber shoes are popular as the population grows.

This is one of the best small business ideas for men.

24. Shed Company

Many backyards want a storage shed. They’re costly at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

You can buy cheaper sheds, fix them, and sell them for more.

If you price your products correctly, advertising on a website or in magazines can be lucrative. Sheds are popular.

25. Worm Farming

A worm farm can make money and grow. Commercial worm farms don’t require a degree.

However, this business requires worm farm expertise.

Starting the business requires little capital.

26. Event planner

Organizing a fashion show, reunion, conference, or other event takes time and effort. Event planning may suit you if you’re meticulous, organized, and like a schedule.

Event planning requires no formal training. Leadership, energy, and relationships are key.

Even if event planning can be done remotely, offering your services locally is better.

27. Shuttlecock Making

Shuttlecocks are another low-investment, high-profit home based business. You’ll need enough space. Badminton requires shuttlecocks.

Good shuttlecocks have 16 feathers and a wooden cork. Manufacturing is also easy.

28. Forex Business

The forex trading system relies on speculation—buying currency at a low price and selling it at a higher price.

For market-curious men, it’s profitable too.

29. Home inspector

Before moving in, a home inspection determines whether a house is worth fixing.

A home inspector may check these:

Pathways and driveways
The interior walls
Septic tanks leak.
Buyers will have a home inspector check these and other items.

30. Food truck

Another opportunity for men is food truck entrepreneurship. Food trucks differ from restaurants in two major ways.

You move without a retail location. Second, visit customers.

Food Truck Business Ideas

31. Estate Agent

Real estate agents manage clients’ properties and operations. Improvements and repairs can generate a decent income with little effort.

Real estate agents can start small businesses. Your services will benefit renters, buyers, and business owners.

Pro Tip: Download the real estate business plan template to write your plan for success.

32. Making popcorn

Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks for all ages.

It’s also healthy. Popping corn explodes when heated and puffs up when exposed to light.

Know that some corn varieties produce more popping corn.

33. Metal Recycling

Profitable scrap metal businesses exist. Many refuse to recycle or sell the metal. Metal can be recycled and sold.

It saves money and the environment. It suits men because it requires grit.

34. Laundry Business

Laundromats are needed by many people who need washers and dryers. Opening a laundromat is expensive, but you can break even quickly once you have everything.

Know how to repair and maintain machines to save money as your business grows.

35. online courses

Are you bilingual? Share your knowledge! Online courses are ideal.

Online courses have a paying audience. Your expertise can be sold as educational material.

Your courses can be hosted on your website, Lynda, Skillshare, Teachable, or Udemy.

36. Paper Cupmaking

One of the best low-cost business ideas for men is paper cup-making. Start with a small investment.

It’s in demand daily. Recycled paper makes paper cups too.

37. SEO Expert

Most sites get traffic from search engines, so SEO specialists are in demand. Most people in this field need to be more knowledgeable, which is good for you but bad for businesses.

SEO requires background knowledge. Businesses usually hire SEO experts for content.

Titles, meta descriptions, tags, categories, keyword density, alt tags, and SEO captions improve SEO.

38. Pro Organizer

Organizers can help people in need. Home-based business.

Organize these:

Junk drawers
These may require homeowner action.

Depending on your experience, you can charge well for this job. Professional organizing can calm the right person.

39. Mobile Developer

Millions of apps are in the Google Play and App Stores. New apps appear daily.

Make an app if you have a unique solution to a common problem or pain point!

App development costs little. To satisfy clients, hire developers.

Digital advertising and in-app purchases let you make money without affecting your other job.

40. Online Teacher

Online tutoring is popular now. Private and home schools often use remote tutors.

Online teachers need degrees and experience. If you teach, switching to online is easy.

41. Online T-shirt Shop

T-shirts are popular with men, women, and children and are widely available. T-shirt brands abound. People want beautiful designs, a cherished brand, and a quality product.

No more. Starting an online t-shirt business requires an eCommerce site. Shopify makes setting up a low-cost eCommerce store for your t-shirt business easy.


42. Virtual Assistant

Online business owners often need help. Men love it because it’s flexible.

Virtual assistants can earn extra money if they have company experience.

Freelancers hire virtual assistants. Work for multiple clients if you have relevant experience.

43. Baby Proofing

Once babies start crawling, many house safety features must be changed.

Babyproofing targets concerned parents. Priceless safety.

Safety covers protect electric outlets, baby gates, door locks, railings, and cabinet door catches.

44. Noodles Production

Noodles are a top US snack food. Noodle making is easy; anyone can start a business with little capital.

45. Data Input

Data entry involves entering data into databases. Having computer and data processing skills would be best to do your job well.

Computer-savvy men who can transcribe phone calls and recorded conversations are ideal for this job.

46. Flower Export

Because flowers are perishable, they need good packaging and storage.

47. Bakery Business

Men may enjoy starting a bakery. As a business owner, you may stand out in the baking industry because men are underrepresented.

Start with baking basics. However, you should have some baking experience.

Pro Tip: Learn how to write a bakery business plan with this free template.

48. Ginger-Garlic Paste Making

Ginger and garlic paste are used in cooking and medicine as a carminative and gastric stimulant.

Instant mixes and spices are also increasing ginger and garlic paste demand. It’s easy to make and exports well.

49. Paid Book Reading

A Forbes survey found that reading and writing books online can earn you $1,857 monthly.

Reading makes money. This small business idea requires a favorite novel, science fiction, romance, crime, or money book.

50. Tour Guide

Tour guiding is the best way to make money and give tourists a great time.

Tour guides must:

Educating tourists
Providing amusement
Extroverts will love this job.
Startups can benefit from online advertising.

51. Teach English Online

Still, seeking men’s small business ideas?

Online English teaching (with flexible hours)? It would help if you spoke English, have a bachelor’s degree, and tutor to qualify. VIPKID has 30,000+ home-based English teachers.

52. Freelancer

Fiverr offers so much. What would you do for $5?Fiverr has everything from silly jokes to useful micro-business tasks.

I’ve been selling web development, article writing, slide template designs, and proofreading on Fiverr, and it’s been successful.

53. Tour Operator

As everyone knows, vacations are crucial but can be difficult to plan.

You can help people have the vacation of their dreams by starting a travel planning business.

Travel planners determine:

Flight plans
Daily tasks

54. Moving Company

Many people move frequently and need help.

Start a moving business with a van or truck, moving equipment, insurance, and permits.

Leave long-distance, large-scale moves to professional movers. Start small and progress to harder tasks.

Advertise your moving business in public places like grocery stores, restaurants, and on the side of your moving van.

55. Cleaning Pools

Pools must be cleaned regularly, but only some have the time.

Start a pool cleaning business to make money and help people enjoy their investments.

Pool cleaning requires a website and online advertising. This is a great small business idea because you can set your hours.

56. Drop Shipper

Drop shipping lets you start an e-commerce business without stocking or investing much.

No stock, no risk!

Your online store can deliver items directly from the supplier to the buyer, and you get a cut. Customers will only know you’re the producer or retailer.

57. Write eBooks

If you’re a good writer, write an eBook on your topic and sell it on Amazon, Payhip, Lulu, Smashwords, Kobo Writing Life, and PubIt!You can self-publish eBooks on any platform.

58. Handyman

A handyman is a jack of all trades who can help repair any household. This could be your career if you have many small skills.

Handymen may do the following:

The painting
Drywall installation
Attached shelves
A handyperson can do these.

59. Sell Parking Space

Houses, apartments, and other accommodations often have garages, driveways, or other parking spaces. Someone else is likely using it.

Better yet, they pay.

It lets you rent your parking space to busy people tired of paying high daily parking fees. Busier areas earn more.

60. Investing

Most millionaires have seven income streams. Always include dividend stocks.

Like regular stocks, dividend stocks pay you a small portion of the company’s earnings each month or quarter. Thus, dividend-paying stocks are advisable.

Dividend investors should check out Webull’s $1,000 free stock promotion.

Webull makes stock investing easy while offering plenty of features as you gain experience.


61. Barber Shop

Barbershops are always in demand because men’s hairdressers don’t need as much precision.

Barbershops are cheap, so people on a budget will visit.

Barbers must complete school and receive a certificate.

This will help customers trust your hairdressing skills. Your small business will benefit from this affordable certification.

Hair salons need a business plan. Free hair salon business plan template.

62. Repairing Computers

Since the pandemic, computers have become essential. Many people work online and must be on their computers all the time.

Fixing computers is a great small business because people are so attached to them.

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63. Florist

Florists arrange flowers for big events. This beauty will help their event succeed.

Where a florist is needed:

Marriage celebrations
Birthday parties
Funeral plans
64. Drone Company
Drones offer unique views in many environments. However, they are difficult to operate. Companies can rent drones from pilots.

These events may require drones:

Marriage celebrations
The film industry
Graduation ceremonies
Drone footage could improve these.

Rent or drive drones to make money. You can even teach drone safety.

65. Food Truck Owner

Food trucks provide the best relief in busy places. Corporate buildings, courtyards, and theme parks have food trucks.

Food trucks may offer:

Hot dogs and hamburgers are American staples.
The falafel
Nacho toppings.
Mexican tacos
Start a food truck business step-by-step.

66. Juice Bar Owner

Men who care about their health can make money and stay healthy by opening a juice bar.

A juice bar is a great small business for fitness-minded men because you can stay healthy and make money.

You can franchise or open a juice bar because most are in malls.

To start a juice bar, download a free business plan template.

67. Tutor

If you know a subject well, you can tutor a student.

You can start a tutoring business for elementary school to college students.

Tutor these subjects:

These subjects may require school help.

68. Renting Rooms

Rent a room if you have extra space. Include breakfast or just a bed. Just clean and organize.

It’s a good business for men because you’ll be hosting strangers. To ensure reliability, pre-screen them. Great choices can make you rich quickly.

69. Private Chef

A personal chef cooks daily for a wealthy person, family, or business. Cooking and traveling men will enjoy this job.

You could cook for:

Private boats
Private homes
Large corporations
These places need a personal chef.

Learn to cook and sell your services online. You can serve many people delicious meals if you price yourself right.

70. Give Rides

As more people stop driving, the personal transport market grows. Give rides to those in need to make money.

Personal transportation options include:

Wedding transport
Private transportation
General Transport

71. Send Food

Fast-food and sit-down restaurant delivery companies have made millions by hiring drivers.

If you do this, you can create a business that outperforms existing corporations.

You can deliver Food if you drive. Foodies who like to drive will love this venture.

72. Grocery Shop.

Many people can’t go grocery shopping or don’t have time, so offering to do it for them is a great way to make money.

Buying groceries for clients and getting reimbursed is a simple way to start a business. Your business depends on client-shopper relationships.

Pro Tip: Start a successful grocery store with this step-by-step guide.

73. Podcaster

Podcasts are audio entertainment. Radio instead of TV.

You can create and monetize your podcast with current technology.

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