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Because you’re investing time, money, and everything into your idea, it’s an informal business plan that can convince you that it makes sense to others.

You may not need a step-by-step guide or sample business plan to write a plan. Some entrepreneurs succeeded without business plans. Some entrepreneurs succeed without a business plan due to timing, business experience, ambition, and luck.

But good business planning often makes the difference. Entrepreneurs should do everything possible to succeed.

Business Plan examples

An example business plan is a pre-written outline of all business plan sections. It includes step-by-step instructions and sample text for each business plan section. That simplifies business plan writing.

Even without investors, many entrepreneurs find writing a business plan worthwhile. No need to reinvent the wheel when writing your business plan.

Instead, use other entrepreneurs’ well-structured plans to create a complete and effective plan.

Why use a business plan sample

A business plan example will give you a head start on writing your document by providing the format and structure.

It also shows you how a professional business plan is organized so you can catch everything.

Sample business plans offer these advantages:

Section content suggestions. SWOT analyses and balance sheets may be new if you have never attended business school. Business templates that explain in plain language how to fill in each section and create a complete and effective plan.

Investment requires a business plan. You must persuade banks and investors to invest in your business. Your business must be successful and profitable for lenders and investors to risk their time and money.

Business plans help prioritize. A complete, well-balanced business plan is one of the best tools for long-term success. It guides your business, sets goals, outlines strategies, and helps you handle obstacles.

A business plan helps you set goals and develop strategies. This lets you prioritize rather than waste time on unimportant tasks.

Regular brainstorming sessions with your team are the best way to keep your business on track and ensure everyone is on the same page.

image of business plan

Business Plan Examples for Whom

These sample business plans are for anyone writing a plan. These plans cover most industries.

These sample business plans may not include investor or lender details. If you’re writing a business plan to attract investors, check with them to see if they have a template or guidelines.

While no two businesses are alike, seeing other entrepreneurs can help answer questions and spark ideas.

To help you write your business plan quickly, we have a library of professional sample business plans from many industries.

How to write a business plan using examples

A sample business plan is the best way to start if you’re new to business writing and planning. Avoid copying a sample business plan because every startup is different. Your marketing, team, business goals, financing data, etc., will differ.

Writing a business plan helps you plan. Filling out your thoughts will help you notice and include important details in your business plan.

Business Plan Management

A business plan is more than a document to impress investors or your audience. It’s your business partner. Your business plan will help you focus on your goals and plan how to achieve them.

Your business plan will help your team understand your vision and goals, whether they work with you or remotely.

Your business plan must be updated as it grows. Business plans are not one-time documents. As your business grows, you should create a business roadmap and vision. As your business changes, you should update your business plan.

If you get funding, hire key people, change your marketing or sales strategy, or add new products, you must update your business plan. This will aid future planning.

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