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Any business that operates outdoors is an outdoor business. Some businesses operate entirely outdoors, while others need some indoor time for clerical or marketing tasks.

You can start many profitable outdoor businesses to avoid working at a desk. These 2023 outdoor business ideas are worth considering.

Start a bathroom appliance business.

Bathtubs, toilets, sinks, taps, seats, wall cabinets, and wired fixtures like showers are bathroom appliances.

For aesthetics and function, homeowners install bathroom appliances. Quality bathroom appliances add value and make the house livable.

Research the market and consumer preferences to start a bathroom appliance business. You can sell and install appliances or work with a pro.

Brand a hammock

Hammock sales have increased recently.

The global hammock market will reach $639 million in a few years.

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts are buying hammocks due to their ease of installation and use. Hammocks are lightweight and perfect for backpacking and hiking.

Starting a hammock line today can be profitable. Start a hammock business by researching who uses hammocks most. Make, sell, or wholesale hammocks.

Campervan conversion business.

Converting campervans is popular. Its affordability makes it popular.

You can sell campervans or convert them if you start a campervan conversion business. You buy a caravan, convert it into a campervan, and sell or rent it to outdoor enthusiasts. A customer drives to your workshop and requests a camper van conversion.

Bicycle Company

Biking has increased due to exercise and public transportation anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bicycles are environmentally friendly and good exercise.

Thus, a bicycle business can be profitable. Find a market niche. Register your brand and make high-quality bicycles.

Start a tour company.

Start a tour company to share your love of travel. Share your passion and help others plan their dream vacations!

Choose a tour business you love and know well.

Start a pet store

Pet stores sell pets and supplies. They lead the industry with $4.5B in sales and 2.7% growth.

Supermarkets, malls, and pet supply stores can host pet stores.

Locate your store first. An area with many residential buildings, schools, and colleges will provide many customers.

Plant a Backyard Nursery

Do you enjoy gardening and want to start a low-cost business?

Starting a backyard plant nursery is easy and profitable. Specialize in high-demand plants like vegetables and flowers to maximize profits.

Start a drinkware brand.

Drinkware brands sell cups, koozies, mugs, and other drinking accessories for the home. Know these things if you want to start a drinkware business. Do it at home. Avoid the high cost of opening a storefront by starting for free.

Start a dance apparel brand.

The dance apparel industry is a great opportunity if you love to dance or fashion.

Dancewear includes practice and performance costumes. Skirts, tights, arm warmers, belts, dance shoes, legwarmers, and leotards are typical.

Bicycle accessories business

Today, more people cycle. Bicycle accessories demand will rise as cyclists increase.

RV rental business

Selling and renting recreational vehicles is a great way to make money (RVs). This industry grows year after year.

Travelers exploring the country can rent an RV. Starting an RV company lets you work on your schedule, making it fun. Remotely schedule drivers, cleaners, and RV maintenance.

Start an animal bone cleaning service.

Museums display cleaned and preserved animal skeletons and skulls.

Cleaning animal bones may be dull! Do you know animal skulls and bones are profitable? Animal bones and skulls make good decorations and teaching tools. Hunting, anatomy, conservation, and pet lovers are your clients.

Start a hiking guide.

Love hiking? Imagine getting paid for your passion! Professional hiking guides know local trails and nature. Local guides accompany and educate hikers.

Hiking guides make exciting outdoor entrepreneurs.

Start a golf apparel store.

Golf apparel stores sell top fashion and sports brands for men and women.

To attract customers, stock your golf apparel store with a wide selection. To satisfy customers and deliver results, stock old favorites, and new golf apparel.

Start a speed boat rental business.

Tourism is driving boat rental and hiring. Tourists, especially in coastal areas, enjoy water sports. Thus, boat rental is one of the best maritime business opportunities.

Start a boat tour business.

Tourists and fishermen take short boat tours. Boat tours are a good water-related business—pay per hour or distance.

Boat racing academy

Recreational boat racing is popular. Clubs are also hosting boat racing tournaments, attracting more fans. Boat racing is fun, challenging, and recreational.

Many people take boat racing classes at local academies. Start a boat racing academy if you like boats or want to sell them. Before enrolling students, your boat racing academy must be near water and have safety gear.

Start a fishing vessels and boats business.

Fishing vessels catch fish in lakes, rivers, and seas. Statistics show that fishery technology equipment demand will boost the global fishing vessel market.

Fishing vessel businesses can be profitable. Start with market research and target markets. This business can manufacture, sell, rent, or repair fishing vessels.

Research permits and licenses and target high-demand markets before starting the business.

Start a recreational boat rental service.

The experience economy is fueling boat rental and hiring. Consumers today value experiences over things. Tourists, families, couples, friends, and solo travelers need boat rentals. Recreational boat rentals can yield high returns.

Start a fishing boat charter business.

Board owners offer professional or recreational anglers fishing boat charters at a set rate per time limit or a customized rate to meet group needs.

Many fish. Few own boats and fishing gear. Recreational anglers may find owning a fishing boat expensive. They prefer fishing boat charters.

Boat transportation business.

Over 5% CAGR is expected for global recreational boating marketing. Trucking companies can profit from boat hauling due to growth.

Boat transportation targets tourism and fishing boat owners. Boat hauling is a promising trucking business idea.

Start a children’s party service business.

Children’s party services organize, manage, and serve parties.

Children’s parties are a $9B industry expected to reach $15B by 2026.

As a children’s party planner, you’ll plan, order supplies, and satisfy customers.

Party planning business.

Budgeting, timelines, site selection, permits, theme décor, catering, and transportation are all part of party planning.

Creative, organized, and client-focused? Start a successful party planning business with those skills. Party planners want to make others happy. Diplomacy, salesmanship, and multitasking are also needed.

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