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Craft products are made by artisans. Creative professionals engaged in craft product making from small handmade textiles to the large product portfolio in art galleries.


Jewellery Making

There is high demand for buying jewelry online so why not cash in and get creative. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and anklets can be designed and sold online.

Start-Up Tip: See what’s popular on influencer Instagram accounts and take clear, colorful product photos.

Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are always a hit with online shoppers, making them a great idea for small businesses.

To increase sales, center your designs on holidays like Halloween and Christmas, offer photo-print shirts, and tie-dye, or create funny slogans and icons.

Use a print-on-demand service to print only what you need. This saves money and keeps prices low.


Candle sales have risen in the past two years, and it’s a simple business to start from home. Candles make great gifts and are easy to make at home.

Start-Up Tip: Stand out in a crowded market with eye-catching packaging and a unique selling proposition.


Do you love to paint but have a shed full of dusty paintings? Attempt to sell them online. People’s home art preferences will surprise you.

Start-Up Tip: Ask friends and family what they like about paintings and why. Use this knowledge to understand your target market to promote art to the right people.


Pottery, from plant pots to cups and saucers, is a great online business. Watch online videos for great tips and get creative with your pottery wheel.

Start-Up A kiln, a pottery wheel, modeling tools, and safety gear are needed. Shop on eBay for bargains.

Clothing / Kids’ Clothing

If you love to sew and get compliments on your designs, start selling clothes online. With a variety of materials, there are plenty of options for all ages and styles.

Start-Up Tip: Take great product photos with good lighting and post them on your online store, Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram to gauge interest.


With a little of this and that, you can make beautiful soaps to sell online. Once you have the ingredients, it’s easy to replicate! There are many molds available for various shapes.

Start-Up Tip: Add herbs, essential oils, or crystals to give your soaps a competitive edge. Then, promote on Etsy and your online store.

Bath Bombs

Everyone enjoys a pamper session, and a relaxing bath isn’t complete without bath bombs. Bath bombs are a popular home business because they are simple to make and have many advantages (such as soft, silky skin).

Bath bombs offer a high return on investment (ROI) and can sell for more than they cost to make, so your profits could be high.

Furniture Upcycling

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right? Upcycling furniture is a fun DIY business idea. There are countless possibilities, from refinishing old cupboards to turning window frames into art.

Start-Up Before a council pickup, take a drive through nearby suburbs and pick up anything that needs some TLC. Trash on the side of the road will change your perspective.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a great start-up home business if you have a flair for design and poetry. The majority of the work is done online, so start-up costs are low, and you can market by sending them to friends, family, and colleagues for special occasions.

Start-Up Tip: Find an affordable printing company that offers smaller batches when you’re first starting out, and save the large bulk orders for later. Vistaprint is a good place to start.

Knitted Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a great place to begin knitting for those who already enjoy them. The baby is small. From simple beanies for newborns to more complex christening dresses, knitted baby clothes are traditional and never go out of style.

Start-Up Tip: Promote your products in social media mom groups before the cooler months.


If you fancy yourself a budding photographer, try selling your photos online. You can sell prints or digital photos on Shutterstock.

Start-Up Tip: Competition is fierce, so pick a niche—weddings, landscapes, sports, portraits, events—and promote yourself there.


Whether you quilt by hand or by machine, the finished product is an heirloom. In fact, the oldest quilt is from the 1300s. When starting a quilting business, charge for the finished product based on time and materials quality, and longevity.

Word-of-mouth is great, but you can also advertise in your local quilters’ guild newsletter, school, scouts or guides newsletters, magazines, and even your local supplies store.


A woodworking DIY business could be financially and personally rewarding if you’re a carpenter who wants to go out on your own or just love making furniture or art.

Start-Up Tip: Set up a workshop, buy the right tools, and research popular wood products.


Christmas is coming up and there’s no better time to be making ornaments than the festive season. From tree ornaments to door wreaths, there are many options and a sizable global market.

Start-Up Tip: Many people struggle to find Christmas decorations, so you may want to offer invoicing terms.

Dried Flower Company

Does your garden dry up at the end of Spring? Start a dried flower business by picking blooming flowers, drying them, and selling them to hobbyists or craft stores.

Start-Up Tip: You can dry most flowers, including Australian natives, but you need to know how to do it right.

Picture Framing

Perfectionists should start picture-framing businesses. The right tools and the ability to cut straight lines are all you need to start framing photos and artwork. You can then set up stalls at the markets to generate leads or promote yourself online through community groups.

Start-Up Tip: To start a picture framing business, you don’t need formal training.

Sweet Treats

If you enjoy baking, this could be an option. You can make money baking cookies, chocolates, and cupcakes. Start by giving treats to friends and family and having them honestly review your products to you and online.

Start-Up Tip: Check food insurance and advertise allergy warnings, ingredients, and expiration dates.

Lip Balms

Both kids and adults love lip balm, but store-bought ones often contain chemicals you don’t want on your face. It’s easier than you think to make lip balm.

Start-Up Tip: Know your ingredients and benefits.


The arts industry in general has taken a hit since COVID-19 came to our shores, with music in general doing it tough. Starting an online music business, such as teaching music or selling stock music, is a great way to get noticed if you love to sing or play an instrument but are having trouble getting noticed.

Start-Up Tip: Get noticed on TikTok and YouTube by setting up your camera.


There are four things to consider after choosing the type of business you want to run.

Is there a market for the product you’re thinking of making and selling? Simple online searches, Etsy, and Facebook groups can reveal this.

What sets your product apart? Consider adding crystals or other surprises to candle wax if you make candles.

To determine who to market your product to and why, you must first understand your target market. Consider who would buy it. Parents, businesses, grandparents, or kids spending pocket money?

A successful brand is the last thing you want. Get an ABN and come up with a name that will catch people’s attention. Think about your online store and product sales strategy.

Once you’ve done all of this, you can create and sell. Enjoy yourself!

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