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Just 37% of technology company leaders have engineering or computer science degrees, according to a Duke and Harvard assessment of 500 organizations. In summary, your ability to turn an engineering idea into a marketable company opportunity through entrepreneurship will define your success as an entrepreneur, not your engineering background.

Electronics repair startup

Electronics is worth almost $2 trillion. Electronics repair is profitable and easy to start.

One of the most important things an electronics repairman must do is to make sure they have the correct tools and equipment for the job. Soldering irons, wire cutters, screwdrivers, etc. Used or refurbished tools save money.

To troubleshoot and fix problems quickly, an electronics repairman must understand electronics, circuit boards, and electricity.

Open a small machine shop

Small design shops make mechanical engineering products. The company may specialize or perform multiple tasks.

Engineers that like design, don’t want to work at a big corporation, or desire job satisfaction could start a small design shop.

If you want employment happiness, opening a shop is hard.

Waste management business.

Waste management is growing rapidly. Waste management organizations collect and transport waste from homes, businesses, and other sources. They sell recyclables to recycling facilities.

Due to financial needs, the waste management sector is vast but difficult to penetrate. If you have the resources and expertise, you can succeed in this field.

Auto repair startup

Many people enjoy working on autos. Some devote themselves to this. They enjoy disassembling and understanding things. Many find car repair relaxing.

Auto repair is a lucrative side business or full-time career.

It may be done at home on your time and paid well. The US vehicle servicing market will reach $75B by 2026.

Smart home camera startup

Customers record their homes with smart home cameras. Remotely through smartphone. For security, too.

Home camera businesses require equipment, software, and R&D.

Smart home cameras are booming. Wireless home security camera systems are expected to reach $18B by 2030. New, exciting, and fast-growing business opportunity.

Job board

Job boards are the easiest way to make money online and hire people. This is one of the most underappreciated ways to establish a free online business. In 2019, the global online job board market was $28.68B. By 2027, it will be $43.39B.

Job hunting is hard. When we work more for fewer money and resources, it’s tempting to quit looking for work. Start your own job board, thankfully.

Mechanical keyboard business.

Mechanical keyboards employ mechanical switches for each key.

Mechanical keyboards are more durable and pleasant. Mechanical keyboards use less force to operate, making them less error-prone.

Establish a mechanical keyboard business easily. Especially as a side business, the entry hurdle is low. From budget to high-end, mechanical keyboards are popular. Mechanical keyboard fans rejoice!

3D Printing Startup

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, builds an object layer by layer.

3D printing may suit you if you like making things.

Make nuts and bolts.

America manufacturing is dominated by nuts and bolts. Every machine equipment, appliance, and vehicle we utilize uses nuts and bolts, making their manufacturing crucial.

Nuts and bolts are utilized in many ways. They’re small enough to hold in one hand and can fasten.

Nuts and bolts are used elsewhere. The automotive industry uses them to make automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Tanks and other military vehicles employ them.

Kitchen utensil business

Cooks and kitchen enthusiasts love kitchen utensil sets. Utensils let you cook your favorite cuisine. There are many kitchen utensil makers, but establishing your own is easy.

Establish a kitchen utensils business easily. If you have the tools and money. Just choose the kitchen utensils and sell them door-to-door or from your cart on a busy street. Since most people buy kitchen utensils from the market in quantity, this business can make considerable money.

Solar panel installation business

Solar panel installation is booming. Solar panels have become cheaper and more appealing in the previous decade. This has increased solar panel installation demand.

Solar energy is sustainable and eco-friendly. It emits no greenhouse gases or hazardous substances.

Solar panel installation companies need invest in marketing to reach their target audience and offer their services.

Maintain and repair a blog.

Blog maintenance entrepreneurship involves updating, cleaning, and organizing someone else’s blog. Blog upkeep is cheap.

Blogging maintenance can be profitable. It requires some technical knowledge, but for individuals who love blogging, blogging software, internet marketing, and online company and are eager to learn and grow, this could be the perfect chance.

Mobile mechanic service

Every region that needs fast repairs and service can launch a mobile mechanic business. Full-time or part-time. You can own a shop or work there. This design lets you choose your own hours and choose where to work.

By 2026, the automotive repair and maintenance market will be $810B. Establishing a mobile repair service may seem ridiculous, but it may be what you need. A mobile mechanic business is ideal if you want to manage your own business and do what you love.

Home equipment startup

Home equipment is a nice business. Establishing a home equipment business is hard. It requires adequate tools and equipment. Beginning a home equipment business requires a lot of resources but will increase your finances.

Owner training and experience are crucial to a successful home equipment business. For entrepreneurs who don’t want to manage a physical site, a home equipment business may be suitable.

skills training business

Start a skill training business with a website that teaches new talents. Skills training businesses can be started. It costs little but can change your life and others.

Global skills training is expected to reach $47.2B by 2027. Start a skills training business for financial freedom. You can charge more and live your dream life by training clients and establishing a portfolio.

Tutoring business

Teachers and students can earn monthly cash by tutoring. If you want to tutor, choose a niche and make a website. Get tutoring clients and promote your side business online. You can tutor online part-time or full-time.

Establish a shipping firm

Start a shipping business. Small company support and training are available. You may already have some resources. This could comprise cargo transport equipment and a vehicle or two.

Shipping is packed. Establishing a shipping firm is easier now. Little package shipping is growing due to eCommerce. Shipping company entrepreneurs benefit. Shipping can be a lucrative career.


No matter your major work. Start some projects on vacation to boost your finances. Though difficult, hard work and determination can lead to success. Start your entrepreneurial path with these engineer side business ideas!

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