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The government’s massive infrastructure bill is expected to boost the construction industry as the US economy recovers from the pandemic. The industry includes carpentry, construction, maintenance, renovations, and more.

Interior design, plumbing, house painting, woodworking, landscaping, and more are construction-related. Start your construction business with our profitable ideas!

Construction Equipment Leasing

The size and cost of your equipment are the most important factors to consider when entering the equipment sales and leasing business. Owning and storing equipment is expensive. To avoid this issue, start with more minor, used, or manufacturer-partnered equipment.

We know plenty of guys who like to find used—sometimes beat-up—equipment locally and regionally. They’ll drive to the site, trailer the equipment, and bring it home. They refurbish and sometimes repair equipment there. They’ll then sell the equipment directly to contractors on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and LinkedIn.

Heavy equipment brokering is another option. You can work remotely as a “deal maker” who connects buyers, sellers, and lenders for a commission.

Construction Estimation

Without much startup capital, you can succeed as a skilled construction cost estimator in the construction industry.

Cost estimators analyze data to determine the time, money, materials, and labor needed to complete a project.

A good estimator is knowledgeable, accurate, and methodical. To understand project design and costs, cost estimators should also be tech-savvy and familiar with construction software, especially cost estimation software.


You can start a lawn care business with a good mower and some gardening tools, but it can grow big.

Landscapers may offer mowing, weeding, tree trimming, gardening, and irrigation.

Before selling, work with local real estate agents to beautify lawns. Some can “winterize” irrigation systems and wrap plants and trees to make money off-season.

Know what plants grow best in the area and how much sun and water they need for basic landscaping design and installation.

Junk Removal

Junk removal can include removing trees from a construction site to cleaning a hoarder’s home for sale.

A strong back, truck, and dumpster can haul most junk. However, much “junk” can be toxic and harmful to you and the environment. Junk removal may require special certification, licensing, and methods.

Most junk removal jobs require a trailer, so a good work truck is essential. If money is tight, rent a truck and trailer until you can buy one.

Handyman Work

Most homeowners would kill for a good handyman—or handywoman.

You can install ceiling fans, assemble IKEA furniture, hang mirrors, or fix a door. In that case, handyman work is a great way to make money quickly, especially if you’re saving up for a larger contracting business.

Drywall Contractor

Like handypersons, drywall contractors are scarce. Most consider drywall repair an art. Knockout and paint-matching skills can quickly gain clients.

Remember that some states require a license for this work, so research before you start.


Many fence builders make over $100,000.

Fence builders target homeowners, business owners, government agencies, real estate developers, and farmers.

Fence building, like drywall contracting, requires licensing in most states. The permitting process and, in some neighborhoods, how to submit plans to the homeowners association are also important (HOA). You can require homeowners to do that, but offering it as a service will likely increase business.

Designed Soils

How do you use excavated dirt? Dump it. Or pay someone to take it. Profit from dirt is better.

Residential and commercial gardeners use compost-based blended soils. Your dirt pile can be engineered for construction.

Concrete Work

As of 2022, the ready-mix concrete manufacturing market is $34.7 billion. Concrete matters. It can be profitable, from small, low-cost projects to large, high-budget ones.

Concrete contractors can build foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and slab floors. Mixing ingredients, building the retaining structure, pouring, and settling the mix are usually your responsibilities.

Start by targeting homeowners for smaller jobs like pouring driveways and filling flower beds for low-cost concrete work.

Finally, any concrete-related business needs a reliable work truck and regular maintenance. Because—trust me—it’ll get dirty.

Spray-foam insulation

When you tell customers how much money and energy insulation will save them, spray foam insulation can be profitable.

Spray foam insulation controls temperature, moisture, and sound while lowering energy costs. It is used in concrete slabs, roof tiles, and walls for residential and industrial clients.

Before starting a spray foam insulation business, you must research, train, and carefully choose your equipment and tools.

The Graco E-20 is a versatile mid-output starter. When choosing a rig, consider your workplace. Will you work in crowded cities or open, rural areas?

Metalwork and Welding reports that US welders earn $17.90 per hour. However, as your welding skills improve, more lucrative specialty weldings jobs like rig welding, underwater welding, industrial pipeline welding, and more may become available.

Welding means no cubicles. Instead, you’ll live independently and work in various construction sectors, from welding boats to fixing excavators to installing steel on the tallest buildings.

Welders must be fit and have good vision because welding is hard work. Welders spend their lives perfecting their craft.

Home renovations

Owning a home improvement business is great because opportunities are plentiful.

Location is crucial for this type of business, not only because of the market and opportunities but also because it determines state building regulations, local codes, licenses, and insurance.

Choose your niche as clearly as possible. What services will you provide to your target market?

Although a handyperson can handle some home remodeling and renovation tasks, a licensed general contractor is usually needed. This contractor must complete the work safely, on time, and within budget.

In most states, handypersons can do minor carpentry, painting, tiling, window repair, and other small jobs. New construction, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, roofing, pool installation, and solar panel installation typically require a licensed contractor.

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

The client needs the work done immediately in a sprinkler installation and repair business. Therefore, you must prepare and communicate well with prospective clients. If you don’t, others will take the job.

Starting a sprinkler repair business is great because startup costs are low—usually under $2,000—and most single-family homes need new or repaired systems.

Purchase an existing sprinkler business from someone retiring or moving out-of-state to start with clients.

These construction business ideas are diverse. They’re just a taste of this industry.

New materials and technologies and 42% growth in this decade bode well for the global construction industry.

Naturally, starting a pool cleaning service, installing solar panels, or building a cement factory differs.

We listed these ideas to inspire thought, curiosity, and research.

Your choice will depend on your budget, target market, and preferences.

Any of these options will likely succeed.

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