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As business restrictions ease, demand for products and services rises, boosting the Philippine business sector. Despite the pandemic and economic uncertainty, 86% of SMEs plan to grow, according to the Sun Life Business Growth and Resilience Index 2022.

Want to start a business in this booming industry, be your boss, and make money? Here are some low-capital Philippine small business ideas.

Sari-Sari Shop

Home-based sari-sari stores have been around for a while. We’ve long frequented this charming store that sells everything from laundry detergent to snacks. One of the Philippines’ most profitable businesses. If you have room in your home, open a small store.

Merienda Company

This home-based food business idea costs 2,000–5,000. You can also sell to neighbors outside your home.

A merienda business can sell almusal favorites and afternoon snacks. Sell lugaw, palabok, puto, biko, fishballs, kwek-kwek, banana-cue, and other Filipino favorites. This is a profitable Philippines business if you’re in a good location.

Online Sales

The Internet lets you make money at home. Online sales and customer acquisition are simple. Lazada, Shopee, and Carousell allow you to sell clothes and hair products on social media.

The capital for this business idea is a few thousand pesos. Online businesses are simple. You can sell products from home with a computer, internet connection, online selling platform, and products.

E-loading business

Home-based e-loading businesses cost as little as 5,000. A basic phone, retailer SIM card, and a 5,000-rupee balance are all you need. E-loading can be combined with other profitable Philippine home-based businesses like a sari-sari store or bills payment business.

Bakery Business

Do you like desserts? In the Philippines, you can profit from this passion.

Sell your best-tasting baked goods if you enjoy baking. If you have the equipment, you can open for 3,000–5,000. If you need baking equipment, this capital can reach 50,000.

Online tutoring

Love kids and study? Tutor online? This business idea is possible with a laptop and reliable Internet. Start your online tutoring business with 2,000.

This home-based business idea goes beyond teaching kids and academics. You can also teach music and art. Online lessons are possible for teachable skills.

Design Company

A computer, graphic tablet, and design software cost 70,000 for this business idea. Home-based graphic design for influencers and vloggers is possible.

You can also provide graphic design services to local and foreign startup companies. Custom print orders and design commissions for unique designs are also available.

Billing Service

Most people dislike waiting in line all day to pay their electric and water bills. A bill payment center is a great Philippine home business idea. It profits and solves customers’ biggest problems.

This business requires 5,000–45,000 to start. Purchase a point-of-sale (POS) device. This home-based business can pay bills, remit, and e-load, earning up to $10,000 monthly.

Tailoring Services

Home tailoring is possible with a sturdy sewing machine. Fashionistas can get custom clothes and alterations. Make bed sheets, curtains, floor mats, and clothes.

This business needs 5,000–25,000. This home business requires sewing skills. It takes patience and precision. This is one of the best Philippine home business ideas for fashionistas.

Digital Agency

Professional digital marketers can start their digital marketing businesses at home. Digital marketers are in demand because many companies need a good online marketing strategy.

If you have the skills and experience, you can start with 4,000 and make 70,000 a month. This business requires a computer and the Internet.

Made-at-Home Products

This is a popular and unique Philippine home-based business idea. It also requires only 3,000–5,000. Make flavored milk teas or sell your famous kare-kare online. Homemade drinks cost around 120 for a 500 ml bottle, while two-person meals cost up to 250.

Make meals-to-order to avoid food waste. Drinks work too.

Bigasan Rice Retailing

Bigasan, the Philippines’ national dish, guarantees customers. This business idea requires 75,000–120,000. It would help if you had an NFA license and government registrations and permits.


Why not become a professional blogger if you enjoy writing? It’s cheap to start and profitable. It also generates passive income.

Web hosting and a blog domain cost 2,000. Brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and Adsense can monetize your blog.

Accessories Retail

Start an accessories business to profit from your fashion and creativity. Handmade earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can sell wallets, bags, and phone pouches.

This popular Philippine business idea requires $10,000 to cover materials, overhead, and online shop design. However, expensive materials can raise it. Leather raises your starting capital to 30,000.

Writing Services

This is one of the best Philippine business ideas for aspiring and professional writers. There are many ways to make money writing, from online articles to Harry Potter sequels. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are available on a standard laptop for 20,000.

Upwork, Freelancer and your network can help you find clients. You can ghostwrite or self-publish a novel from home.

Home Salons

One of the best Philippine home-based business ideas is hairstyling or haircutting. Starting a home salon business is cheaper if you have all the equipment. Just create a salon-like space at home.

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand is a unique Philippine home-based business. Upload your shirt designs to your online store and print them when someone orders them. Printing machines and staff are unnecessary.

Print-on-demand eliminates capital, suppliers, inventory, and order fulfillment. Your printer handles that.

Travel Agency

Anyone can start this small home-based travel business. Learn the booking or ticketing process, know each country’s travel requirements, and answer customer inquiries professionally. A home-based travel agency costs 20,000.

Your home-based travel agency needs a computer, phone, printer, and internet connection. If you sell airline tickets, you must register your business with the DTI to join the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Coffee Shop

Turn your coffee passion into a business. Start one for 5,000. It’s a cheap and easy way to open a coffee shop. Build a garage coffee nook or a coffee stand outside your house.

Car wash

Car wash demand rises as more people buy cars. Filipino car owners like their cars to always look new and smell like the dealership. They regularly car wash.

Car enthusiasts and owners will love this home-based business. You can start a home-based car wash if your garage can fit several cars.


Which home-based business idea interests you? These are some Philippine home business ideas if you want to make extra money.

If you have a unique idea based on your passions, turn it into a home-based business. You know what makes you happy, successful, and secure.

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