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Agriculture involves growing, raising, and selling crops and livestock. Agriculture supports many rural and sub-rural residents. Technology and science have transformed this sector, which previously relied on climate. Agriculture covers forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery. If run with passion, agriculture businesses are profitable.

Before starting an agriculture business, shortlist your business idea.

Agriculture Farm

Starting a farm on vacant land can be profitable. Produce and sell local goods. Distribute the product via long-distance channels.

Tree Farm

If you have vacant land and can wait a few years, the tree farm is profitable. Tree sales take time.

Plant Nursery

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Start a profitable backyard plant nursery. The business suits gardeners.

Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer

Today, households make vermicompost organic fertilizer. Start-up costs and land are low. With production knowledge, anyone can start this business.


Dry flowers have gained popularity over the past decade. Grow flowers, dry them, and sell them to craft stores and hobbyists.

Fertilizer Distributor

Fertilizer distribution suits rural and small-town residents. It’s one of the best low-capital business ideas.

Farmhouse Organic

Due to rising demand for organic farm products, an organic farm greenhouse business can thrive. Family-owned organic farms typically operated greenhouses. People are buying land for organic farming because demand is rising.

Poultry Farming

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For three decades, backyard poultry farming has become a techno-commercial industry worldwide. It’s farming’s fastest-growing sector.

Mushroom Growing

Mushroom farming is a low capital business that can make big profits quickly. Starts with less space.

Hydroponic Shop

Hydroponics is a growing plantation technology. Commercial and home plantation is soil-free. Hydroponic retail stores sell equipment.

Sunflower Growing

Sunflower farming requires land. Sunflowers are cash crops. Sunflower oil production is profitable with the right process. A landowner who loves farming can start a sunflower farm.

Guar Gum Production

Guaran, a galactomannan, is guar gum. Guar beans’ ground endosperm. Dehusked, milled, and screened guar seeds yield guar gum. Off-white, the free-flowing powder is typical. Like locust bean gum, cornstarch, and tapioca flour, it thickens food naturally.


Beekeeping requires daily bee monitoring. Honey demand is rising globally due to health awareness. Beekeeping for honey and wax sales is a low-cost business.

Fish farming

Commercial fish farming can generate profits year-round. Modern techniques and owned space allow entrepreneurs to start this business with moderate capital.

Exporting Produce

Local farmers can supply fresh produce for export businesses. Only a phone and computer with internet can start this business at home.

Micronutrient Production and Soil Application

Micronutrients have great agricultural potential. With a strong distribution strategy, one can start this manufacturing business with significant capital.


image of Florist

Retail flower sales are lucrative. This business requires retail space and flower growers. Offering door-to-door delivery can boost online sales.

Feeding Animals

Starting a livestock feed business requires distribution confidence.

Freezing Chicken

Frozen chicken is famous. Its global demand is rising. Planning allows a metro or suburban entrepreneur to start this business.

Flour Mill

Flour milling is diverse. A good business plan can launch this business. This business rewards brand building.

Juice making

The fruit juice industry is huge. The production process is simple and can start small.

Groundnut Processing

Entrepreneurs can start this business with moderate capital if they trust the groundnut source. Groundnut processing has a global market.

Shrimp farming

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Freshwater shrimp farming produces shrimp or prawns for human consumption. Its global demand is rising.

Strawberry farming

Strawberry is tasty and healthy. This fruit grows in your backyard. Small-scale strawberry farming is profitable—growers profit.

Fish Hatchery

A fish hatchery artificially breeds, hatches, and raises finfish and shellfish. Aquaculture hatcheries produce larval and juvenile fish for on-growing systems.


Entrepreneurs can start piggeries with enough land. Pigs produce the most meat and convert feed better than broilers. Pig farming requires minimal buildings and equipment.

Soybean Farming

Soya beans can be processed commercially for milk, flour, sauce, oil, natto, and other products. Soybean farming is profitable on small vacant land.

Spice Processing

Recent global demand increased spice processing. Well processed spice sells well. Processing and packaging are simple. Spice processing also has a good margin.

Vegetable Growing

Vegetable farming is a lucrative agricultural business. An entrepreneur with enough land can grow high-quality vegetables with quality seeds and fertilizers.

Chick Hatchery

Chick hatcheries sell commercially produced chicks to local egg and poultry farmers to make money. It’s a profitable small-capital business that requires no special skills.

Grown Tea

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Tea growing has huge potential, and global demand is rising. Tea plants prefer acidic soil and 40 inches of annual rainfall. Still, they can be grown anywhere from sea level to 1.3 miles above sea level.

Grocery E-Shopping

E-grocery shopping is the latest trend. Starting this tech-based business requires planning and a robust online marketing strategy.

Herbal Farming

One profitable agriculture business is growing medicinal herbs. With enough land and marketing knowledge, an entrepreneur can start medicinal herb farming with moderate capital.

Cactus Displays

Cactus plant decor is best. This is great for tabletop gardens because many plants can share a container. Starting a cactus arrangement business is profitable and fulfilling. It can start at home with little capital.


Dairy farming is a lucrative agricultural business. It produced manure and milk. Profitable dairy farming can increase milk production significantly.

Goat farming

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Goats are a leading meat producer. Goat meat is a popular domestic meat. In recent years, intensive and semi-intensive goat rearing for commercial production has grown due to its good economic prospects.

Potato Powder

Potato powder can be used in any mashed potato recipe in processed and snack food. It thickens and bases vegetable soups and gravies. Processing is also simple. Semi-automatic potato powder processing can start small.

Corn farming

Corn (Maize) is one of the most adaptable new crops. Maize, the queen of cereals, has the highest genetic yield potential. Modern corn farming with good seed is one of the most profitable agriculture businesses.

Seed Certification

Seed certification ensures quality by regulating and inspecting commercial seed. At its simplest, the system certifies that a sack, packet, or box of seed contains what it says on the label and was produced, inspected, and graded according to a Certification Scheme.

Start a certified seed production business without land by contract farming.

Testing Soil

Soil testing is an agronomically sound, beneficial, and environmentally friendly tool used to monitor nutrient levels and make precise fertilizer recommendations for different crops and cropping sequences. An ideal agriculture business is a government-certified soil testing lab.

Greenhouse Flower Export

One of the best business ideas is a greenhouse for export-only flowers. With significant capital, a flower exporter with land can start this venture.

Plant cultivation

Greenhouses and nurseries grow fruits, flowers, and plants for horticulturists. This business requires crop and method selection.

Potato Chips

The commercial small potato chips production line makes french fries and potato chips. Global demand is rising for FMCG products.

Goat and Cow Fodder Farming

Chickens, horses, pigs, cattle, and goats are fed fodder. Animals are fed, not foraging. Alfalfa, barley, oats, clover, grass, and wheat are fodder plants.

Rabbit Farming

Profitable rabbit farming. Starting a rabbit farm requires little space. Angora rabbits are raised for their high-quality wool. Rabbits produce the most wool per kg.

Rose farming

Beautiful roses. Commercially, it’s valuable. You can do money gardening. A small plot of land can support a rose farm.

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